Siege of Ichijoudani

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Siege of Ichijōdani
Part of the Kinchō Incidents
A modern representation at the Battle of Ichijōdani
A modern representation at the Battle of Ichijōdani, from the National Museum of Okaiken
Date 6 - 18 June, 1625
Location Ichijōdani, Ise Prefecture, Okaiken
Result Honda Shogunate Victory
Ii clan loses control of the northern half of the Ichijōdani domain to the Hotta clan
Honda Shogunate
  • Honda clan
  • Hotta clan
  • Teruzumi clan
  • Okudaira clan
  • Manabe clan
Ii clan
Commanders and leaders

Honda Shigetomo 

  • 50,500 ashigaru
  • 12,920 cavalry
  • 9,217 guns
  • 4,900 ashigaru
  • 620 cavalry
  • 1,125 guns
Casualties and losses
*2,800 killed; 7,982 injured 1,637 killed; 934 injured
*Ii Naoyoshi accepted the terms of surrender

The Siege of Ichijōdani (一乗谷の役 Ichijōdani no Eki?, or, more commonly, 一乗谷の陣 Ichijōdani no Jin) was a series of battles undertaken by the Honda shogunate against the Ii clan, and ending with the deaths of the leaders of both clans as well as the so-called "Great Reconciliation". The siege put an end to the last major armed opposition to the shogunate's establishment.


Battle of the Ichijōdani Rapids[edit]

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Castle Siege[edit]

"Great Reconciliation"[edit]

The "Great Reconciliation" is one of the most pivotal points in the history of Okaiken.

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