Honda clan

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Honda clan
Japanese Crest Maru ni Hon moji.svg
The clan mon
Home province Kazusa Province (Miyagi Prefecture), Okaiken
Parent house Soga
Founder Honda Takakage
Current head Honda Shigetsuma
Founding year 1090
Ruled until 1871
Cadet branches Okami, Toyozawa

The Honda clan (本多氏 Honda-shi?) is a Sanese clan who were became an integral political force during the unification period of Okaiken as well as during the Honda period. Before Honda Shigetada succeeded in 1600, the Honda clan claimed direct descendant of the Imperial family through Emperor Mizuno. The early history of the clan and its connections to the imperial family before Shigetada's accession remain a mystery.

When Honda Shigetada, an adopted son of Honda Shigenobu acceded after the death of the latter, he was approached by the Imperial Family claiming his connections with the imperial lineage. He became regent in 1595 and the clan split into two branches after he was proclaimed emperor. Because of the direct connection of the clan to the Imperial household, it is sometomes regarded as the Imperial Family of Okaiken.

Today, its clan members continue to be influential into political dialogue. Honda Shigetsuma, the current head of the clan, is the opposition leader of the National Diet of Okaiken since 2013. His father, Honda Tadashige, was the Prime Minister of Okaiken from 1963 to 1966.

Family tree[edit]

This is the family tree of the Honda clan. Solid line indicates biological child, vertical dotted line indicates adopted child and horizontal dotted line indicates marriage. Honda Shigetada's successors are numbered (Imperial descent are lettered "a" while he Shogunate descent (Okami branch) are lettered "b";"c" denotes the succession of the Toyozawa Branch). The emperors of Okaiken are italicized.

Imperial Family/Shogunate Line before 1870[edit]

Honda Shigetada/Shirakawa1a/b
Taisei-in Shigetomo2b
Mirei-in Shigetoki3b
Daisuke3a Shigemasa4b Tadamasa Shigeie Shigezane
Ogimachi4a Shigeyoshi5b Shigenobu6b Tadazane
Go-Ogimachi5a Tadanobu7b Nobuzane
Horikawa6a Koan-in
Shigetaka8b Yamanaka Nobutaka Teruhime
Fujisato Katsuyori
Shijō7a Juntoku8a Shigenari9b Yamanaka Shigemasa Yorishige

Imperial Family lineage after 1870[edit]

Okami branch (Shigetomo) after 1870[edit]

Toyozawa branch (Shigetoki) after 1870[edit]