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Anjō Motonobu (安条元信?, 7 December 1544 – 3 October 1589), is a daimyō from the Sengoku Period of Mitoyagi. He is the leader of the Anjō clan from 1564 until his death at the battle of Mogami in 1589. He was regarded as one of Honda Shigetada's most reliable and trusted advisors, and his daughter Hatsu-no-kata was the primary wife of Shigetada.

The Anjō clan under Motonobu was under the Taketoyo clan but were demoted from the fudai to the tozama after the maneuvers by the Taketoyo adviser Hachisuka Koroku; in an attempt to take over the small, but strategic town of Mikata from the Anjō. In response, Motonobu cut off all of his ties to the Taketoyo and sided with Ogasawara Terumasa, sending his daughter Hatsu-no-kata to be wed to Terumasa. However, Terumasa refused to be married to her but Honda Shigetada suggested to be married with her as a vassal of the Ogasawara and support the Anjō clan. Motonobu, moved by the act, decided to become a vassal of Shigetada.

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Suemori Castle.jpg

An artist rendition of Suemori Castle. The castle belonged to Ogasawara Teruhide, but after the Siege of Suemori in 1579, it became the main castle of the Honda clan. It remained the main castle of the Honda clan until the Emperor moved Honda Shigetada to Toyozawa.

Artwork: Yamagata Issei