Great War

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"Great Adonian War" and "GAW" redirect here. For other uses, see Great Adonian War (disambiguation) and GAW (disambiguation).
Great War
Great Adonian War
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Clockwise from top left: Peilanese forces in the Battle of Wanjialing, AA 25-pounder guns during the First Battle of BB, CC Stuka dive bombers on the Eastern Front in December 1948, a Shaydian naval force in the Malatoan Gulf, Wilhelm Keitel signing the CC Instrument of Surrender, DD troops in the Battle of Smolensk.
Date 7 September 1945 (1945-09-07) – 2 March 1952 (1952-03-02) (6 years and 177 days)
Location Euphemia, Althena, Carreon
Result Allied victory
Allies Imperials
Commanders and leaders
Main Allied leaders
Abbasid Abdul-Wali Amid Essa
Etrusque Bruno Cinq-Mar
Main Imperial leaders
Mitoyagi Emperor Wakayama
Tiberias Carl XIV
Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Over 16,000,000
Civilian dead:
Over 45,000,000
Total dead:
Over 61,000,000 (1945–52)
Military dead:
Over 8,000,000
Civilian dead:
Over 4,000,000
Total dead:
Over 12,000,000 (1945–52)

The Great Adonian War, commonly referred to as the GAW, was an international military conflict that lasted from 1947 to 1952, dividing many of Adonia's nations into two opposing alliances: the Allies and the Imperials. It was the most widespread war in Adonian history with more than 70 million military personnel mobilized and the economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities of the major participants dedicated to the effort. As a state of total war, the distinction between civilian and military resources was virtually erased, becoming the deadliest of all conflicts with over 40 million military and civilian casualties.

This war was mainly the result of two major alliances: the Allies and the Imperial Alliance. The Allies consisted of Abbasid, BB, DD and EE, and the empires they controlled as a major colonial powers. On the other hand, the Imperial Alliance consisted of the CC, FF, the GG and the Sanese Empire.