Battle of the Sanese Farm

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Battle of the Sanese Farm
Part of the Andalusian Civil War
Litani river lebanon.jpg
Tripartate soldier standing watch over
Date October 15–17, 1973
Location North of the Mount Abriya and east of the Lake Ahmad, Khalifji, Andalus
Result Decisive Republican victory
Emblem of the Republic of Andalus.png Republican Andalus  Andalus
Commanders and leaders
Abd Rab el-Nabi Hafez
Ibrahim El-Orabi
Abd el-Hamid Abd el-Sami'
Sayed Saleh
Sergio Sisi
Yisrael Adnan
Eight infantry brigade
Four mechanized brigade
Nine understrength armored brigades
296 tanks
Ten reinforced armored brigade
Initially 197 tanks, later:
Three armored divisions and two paratrooper brigades
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

The Battle of the Sanese Farm (Beidar: معركة الصانع مزرعة) was an engagement between the armies of the Tripartite powers, and the Republic of Andalus during the Andalusian Civil War. It is regarded as the deadliest and largest battle in Andalusian history. The battle handed the Republicans a decisive victory in the war, and led to a reversal in the tide of the fighting, with the entire Southern force of the Tripartite decimated and in full retreat.

The battle is named after the near by farming community of Saba (derived from the Sanese Sabaku, meaning desert), which was inhabited by a large number of Sanese farmers that maintained an agricultural research center in the vicinity. In the ensuing fighting, the town of Saba and the surrounding farms were razed, and was rendered uninhabitable by the retreating Tripartite soldiers.