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三州航空 (Sanshū-Kōkū)
SaneseAir New Logo.svg
Founded 2 December 1955
Commenced operations 11 October 1956
  • Okami International Airport (Okami)
  • Ikoshima International Airport (Okami)
  • Toyozawa Shirakawa International Airport (Toyozawa)
  • Taejon-Suwon Airport
Focus cities
  • Aizawa International Airport (Aizawa)
  • Haru International Airport (Haru)
  • Waseda Airport (Waseda)
  • Chitose Airport (Mito)
Frequent-flyer program Sanesair Miles
Alliance Adonian Arrow
  • Sanexpress (SXP)
  • O-Air (SOA)
Fleet size 130
Destinations 90
Company slogan Fly Red, Fly Sanesair
Headquarters Chiyoda, Okami, Okaiken

Sanesair Co., Ltd. (SAA) (山軽航空 Sankei-Kōkū?), is an airline headquartered in Chiyoda, Okami, Okaiken. Its main hubs are Okami's Air Island (Ikoshima International Airport) and Okami International Airport (Tokuyama Itazaki Airport), as well as Toyozawa's Shirakawa International Airport. The airline and two of its subsidiaries (O-Air, Sanesexpress) are members of the Adonian Arrow airline alliance.

SAA group companies include Sanesair for international and domestic services; Sanesexpress for international and domestic low-cost services; O-Air for domestic feeder services; and Sanesair Cargo for cargo and mail services. SAA group operations include scheduled and non-scheduled international and domestic passenger and cargo services to 220 destinations in 35 countries worldwide, including codeshares. The group has a fleet of 130 aircraft. In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2009, the airline group carried over 52 million passengers and over 1.1 million tons of cargo and mail. By 2016, however, it had taken over Okaiken Air as Okaiken's largest airline, with more orders to its existing fleet of aircraft.

Sanesair was established in 1956 and became the unofficial second national airline of Okaiken. After over three decades of service and expansion, the airline was fully privatized in 1987. Sanesair is currently an official sponsor of Okaiken Football Association and the Okaiken national football team. The other major airline of Okaiken, Okaiken Air, is Sanesair' main rival with fierce competition between the two airlines. In July of 2015, the two airlines were officially recognized as the two flag carriers of Okaiken, with a new livery presented in October 2015 to reflect the new status


Corporate affairs and identity[edit]




Sanesair Passenger Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
F C P Y Total
Airbus A320neo 14 12 16 130 140 First aircraft delivered on July 22, 2016. 2 aircraft converted from A321-200s.
Airbus A321-200 11 16 142 158 Replaced Boeing 737-700 on international and domestic routes. 13 orders were converted into 2 A320neos and to 11 A321neos
Airbus A321neo 10 26 20 12 130 162 Replaced Boeing 737-800 on domestic and international routes. First delivered on May 3, 2017.
Airbus A350-900 10 30 42 24 187 253 First plane, Planey Mcplaneface delivered on June 12, 2017. Replacing Boeing 777-200 and 777-200ER on domestic and international routes.
Airbus A350-1000 5 20 50 30 224 294 First plane delivered September 21, 2017. Replacing Boeing 777-200 and 777-200ER on domestic and international routes.
Airbus A380-800 3[1][2] TBA Deliveries from 2019. Originally it was ordered by Skymark Airlines.[3]
Boeing 737-800 40 8 158 166 4 from 2017
ANA is looking to refurbished some of its 737-800 during 2016.[4]
8 159 167
Boeing 767-300 10 10 260 270 Older aircraft to be phased out and replaced by Boeing 787 and A321neo.
Aircraft of 35/167 configuration are fitted with winglets.

Aircraft of 35/179 configuration will be reconfigured for domestic use.[5]

Boeing 767-300ER 15 10 260 270
35 179 214
35 167 202
Boeing 777-300 2 21 493 514 2 to converted to domestic configuration, to be phased out December 2019.
Boeing 777-300ER 30 5 [6][7] 8 52 24 166 250 Deliveries from 2016.
8 52 24 180 264
8 68 24 112 212
Boeing 777-9 20[6] TBA Deliveries from 2020.
Boeing 787-8 37 [8] 12 323 335 Largest operator of the Boeing 787-8. 2 due in 2016.
42 198 240
60 5 102 169
Boeing 787-9 11[9] 39 18 377 395 Replacing Boeing 777-200. Delivery until 2020.
48 21 146 215
Boeing 787-10 3[4] TBA plus 7 options, delivered from 2020.
Mitsubishi MRJ-90 15 TBA 10 purchase options. Deliveries start in 2017.
Cargo Fleet
Boeing 767-300ERF 2 3
Boeing 767-300BCF 10 0
Total 206 132

Fleet Gallery[edit]

Fleet Naming[edit]

Sanesair aircraft, unlike its counterpart Okaiken Air, follows a naming convention unique to the airline industry. Since 1955, its aircraft had been given various names associated with Sanese culture, famous historical figures of Okaiken, cities, province names and birds. The Sanesair naming convention follows a unique pattern: the private aircraft that used by the Emperor of Okaiken and the Sanese government is called Mitoyagi, the old name for Okaiken. Sanesair's largest planes are named after cities, provinces, and prefectures; medium sized planes are named after historical figures; and smaller sized planes of the fleet are named after Sanese culture and birds, with the notable exception of Tanchōzuru, the backup plane for the Sanese government.

For the first time in early 2016, a naming competition for a new Sanesair was launched in a campaign to boost its revenue and to promote its new A350-1000 aircraft. Several names were suggested by the Sanese public but the most popular choice for the aircraft was Planey Mcplaneface (プレーニー・マックプレーンフェース Purēnī Makkupurēnfēsu?) in a so-called 'PR Disaster' for Sanesair. Nevertheless, considering it had become part of the Sanesair identity, the name was kept.

Special Aircraft[edit]

The special aircrafts, Mitoyagi (777-300ER) and Tanchōzuru (767-300ER), are reserved for government officials and the Imperial family.


The three A380s being ordered by Sanesair will be named with Okaiken's three largest provinces during the Sengoku period:

  • Sado
  • Yamatai
  • Kozuke


    The seven 777-9s being ordered by Sanesair will be named with Okaiken's provinces during the Sengoku period:

  • Dewa
  • Shinano
  • Numata
  • Tachihara
  • Joetsu
  • Ueno
  • Ueda

    A350-900 and A350-1000[edit]

    The 5 A350-900 and the 20 A350-1000 plane names were determined by an online competition called "Cultures of Okaiken: 2015" held on March 2016. 25 names from the online list were selected by the voting public. Offensive names, including Sanese swear words, discriminatory and sexual languages were removed from the list. The names people had chosen had proved to be controversial as soon as they were announced on May 6, 2016. Many of the names, such as "Honda Shigetomo", "Tonbogiri", "Ii Naotaka" and "Ichijoudani" came from the popular Taisen drama Honda Tenno, which was on its narrative climax one year after the poll was opened. Popular names of artists were also voted into the list, with "SMAPlane", a word corruption between "It's my plane" and "SMAP", topping the list, followed by O-Soul Brothers and three of their songs Mugen Road, R.Y.U.S.E.I and O.R.I.O.N.

    When the online poll was opened on March 3, the name "Planey McPlaneface" was on top of the polls, garnered by strong support from the online community. However, people running the competition to name the 25 A50s, the SAAG, were not amused with the overwhelming support for "Planey", because it does not necessarily fit with the Sanese culture. The marketing manager for the competition, Ichimura Shoko, resigned over the conclusion of the campaign. Nevertheless, the majority of the Sanese public were somewhat satisfied with the poll and the shares of the airline increased due to interest and the competition.

    The top 5 names will be used on the A350-900, while the other 20 will be assigned to the A350-1000.

  • Planey McPlaneface
  • Tonbogiri
  • SMAPlane
  • Arashi
  • Tsurumaru

  • Honda Shigetomo
  • Ii Naotaka
  • O-Soul
  • Shirato Jiro
  • Toyohashi
  • Sanase
  • Totoneichan
  • Akashi Seijuro
  • Spirit of Okaiken
  • Nakasendo
  • KTK
  • Ichijoudani
  • Nishino Kana
  • Utada Hikaru
  • Juri Ueno
  • Ryusei
  • Orion
  • Mugen
  • Mighty Warriors
  • Hanabi


    Sanesair Miles[edit]

    In popular culture[edit]

    Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On July 15, 1975, Sanese Airways Flight 17, a (Manufacturer) (Boeing 727), crashed upon approach at Okami International Airport 63 of the 120 people on board were killed. The accident was blamed on pilot error.
  • On January 12, 1992, Flight 2 missed an approach and skidded to a farm field outside of Aizawa International Airport. No passengers were killed.

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