General Junta

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General Junta
Junt General
Coat of arms or logo
Jose Terma, PS
Since March 20, 2013
Esteban Carana, AD
Since July 10, 2014
Prime Minister
Danel Zúñiga, AD
Since July 12, 2014
Opposition Leader
Enrique Serrar, PS
Since December 1, 2014
Seats 562
Senate of Arriola 2016 structure.svg
Senate political groups
(by party as of Mar. 2016)
Chamber of Deputies of Arriola structure 2016.svg
Chamber of Deputies political groups
(by party as of Mar. 2016)
Indirect election
Two-round system
Senate last election
February 20 2013
Chamber of Deputies last election
3 and 10 June 2014
Meeting place
Palau Nacional Barcelona Pano 2013.jpg
Palau Nacional,
Catalan Community

The General Junta (Catalan: Junt General; Occitan: Amassa General) is the legislative parliament of the Kingdom of Arriola and the supreme body of State power. Its members (currently numbering 562) are elected from single-member electoral districts for a term of five years. The current head of the Junta is Danel Zúñiga. The two houses must convene at least four times a year.