Civil War in Mandatory Abbasid

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Civil War in Mandatory Abbasid
Part of the Abbasidi ethnic conflicts
Jewish soldiers at Katamon, Jerusalem.
Date 5 March 1920 - 17 September 1930
28 January 1947 – 2 May 1948
Location Mandatory Abbasid
Result Rasheed Agreement (1930)
  • Jewish forces seize Eilat
  • Territory divided along ethnic lines
  • Beginning of the Bakri exodus
  • Beginning of the Jewish migration to Eilat
  • Continued fighting until 1948

Second Phase:

  • Eilat declares independence
  • Confederal system strengthened in Abbasid
  • Etrusque withdraws from Abbasid
Eilat Jews of Abbasid Abbasid Beidars of Abbasid
  • Beidar Liberation Army
    • Allied bedouins
  • Al-Intifada
Etrusque Etruscan forces in Abbasid
Commanders and leaders
EilatYigael Yadin
Template:Country data IsraelYigal Allon
Template:Country data IsraelMenachem Begin
Template:Country data Arab Revolt Fawzi al-Qawuqji
Template:Country data Arab Revolt Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni 
Template:Country data United Kingdom Gordon MacMillan
A few thousands Around 70,000 beginning of December to total withdrawal on 14 May
Casualties and losses
1/4 : 3,183 1/4 : 11,094 1/4 : 1,348

The Civil War in Mandatory Abbasid was the final phase of internal conflict within Abbasid before the withdrawal of Etrusque. It also marked the beginning of the Eilai-Beidar conflict.