Union for Democracy (Andalus)

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Union for Democracy
Union pour la démocratie
Presidents Anastasie Mossé
Ludovic Rochette
Spokesperson Anna Fouché
Founded 20 May 2015
Headquarters 19-067 Detten, Jidda
Youth wing Young Democrats
Membership  (2014) 307,980
Ideology Social democracy
Social justice
Minority rights
Political position Centre-left
National affiliation Rassemblement bleu
International affiliation Socialist International
Columbian affiliation Social Democrats
Columbian Parliament group Socialists & Democrats
Colours      Purple
National Assembly
86 / 588
62 / 349
Federal Council
3 / 75
Municipal assembly members
3,127 / 31,294
General Councils
14 / 100
Columbian Parliament
6 / 92
East Althenian Parliament
7 / 86

The Union for Democracy (Etruscan: Union pour la démocratie, or ULD) is a socially progressive and economically liberal party in Andalus. Generally left-wing, the party places a strong emphasis on participatory democracy, minority rights, and egalitarianism. It is an associate member of the Party of Social Democrats and consultative member of the Socialist International.

The ULD is moderately anti-capitalism and claims to aspire to end religious, gender and racial discrimination. The party has a 50% quota for women and a 10% quota for the LGBT community when fielding candidates.