The Palace in the Desert (series)

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The Palace in the Desert
Author(s) Matthieu Verlooy
Original title قصر في الصحراء
qasr fi alssahra'
Country Andlaus
Language Beidar
Genre(s) Alternate history
Publication date 2014

The Palace in the Desert (Bediar: قصر في الصحراء, qasr fi alssahra (Etruscan: Le Palais dans le désert) is an alternate history book series by Andalusian author Matthieu Verlooy, and published in 2014.

The story takes place in the Tiberian Empire, and the Emirate of Abbasid during the years following the successful Tiberian revolt, and presents an alternate reality where the Beidars have dealt Tiberias a crushing defeat in the ensuing war, instead of the opposite. The series follows through the decades, examining the events that would follow, and the changes that it would spell for the world. The series has become renowned for its accuracy and attention to detail, and is lauded for its portrayal of xenophobia, Columbo-centric attitudes, and the history of Andalusia.


Book One[edit]

Book Two[edit]

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Banning in Tiberias[edit]