The Left (Andalus)

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The Left
La gauche
President Damien Moulin
General Secretary Elizabeth Picard
Founded 20 May 2015
Headquarters 43-101 Alexandria, Alacazar
Youth wing The Young Leftist Movement
Membership  (2014) 512,189
Ideology Anti-capitalism
Internal factions:
 • Andalusianism
Political position Left to Far-left
National affiliation Rassemblement bleu
International affiliation Socialist International
Columbian affiliation Social Democrats
Columbian Parliament group Socialists & Democrats
Colours      Peach
National Assembly
305 / 588
177 / 349
Federal Council
23 / 75
Municipal assembly members
109,156 / 301,294
General Councils
45 / 100
Columbian Parliament
84 / 92
East Althenian Parliament
63 / 86

The Left also known as the Left Party (Etruscan: La gauche or LG) is an economically socialist, socially progressive political party in Andalus. It is one of the few quasi-communist parties to be democratically elected.

The party opposes the expansion of capitalism, and advocates for the creation of an egalitarian society through radical change. It encourages increased immigration and integration for illegal immigrants into Andalusian society. In regards to Columbian integration, LG supports Andalus' full integration into a 'Federal Columbia' (the Columbian Union), which has been stalled since the hotly contested 2011 Andalusian referendum, in which Tiberian voters narrowly rejected. LG also supports the restoration of the 1965 Constitution of the Republic of Andalus, which has been labeled illiberal and supportive of a hybrid regime.

The party is the most left-wing party of the four represented in the Andalusian Parliament, and the most left-wing in Andalusian history, and has self-identified as far-left.



Foreign policy[edit]

The Left advocates for Andalus' re-entrance into the international setting.

Social policy[edit]



The Left has introduced radical reforms aimed a dismantling capitalism in Andalus, hiking taxes on incomes over $250,000, greatly increasing government control over the Deira Stock Market, and raising the minimum wage to $25, which can comfortably support a family of four. This symbolizes a drastic shift from the economic policies of Socialist Prime Minister Mansour Reza.

The party passed a new budget for the 2016 fiscal year, attributing almost $1 trillion dollars to new programs, aimed at improving infrastructure and construction in Andalus' largely underdeveloped Western regions, signalling the largest budget in Andalusian history. La Gauche has even proposed the possibility of deficit spending, in order to maintain its course.


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