Teiko Stock Exchange

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Teiko Stock Exchange
Type Stock exchange
Location Kaijo, Teiko
Founded 1928
Owner Teiko National Exchange Group
Key people Taizo Nishimuro, Chairman
Atsushi Saito, President & CEO
Yasuo Tobiyama, MD, COO & CFO
Currency Teikonian Zen (TNZ)
No. of listings 1,829
Market cap TNZʒ 127.67 trillion (April 2015)
Volume US$ 882.58 billion (April 2015)
Indexes Niwa 36
Website TSE.com.tk

The Teiko Stock Exchange (帝光証券取引所 Teikou Shōken Torihikijo?), which is also called Teisho (帝東証?) or TSE for short, is the main stock exchange in the Federal Kingdom of Teiko. Its headquarters is located in Kaijo and has trading floors in Rakuzan, Aokuro and Akamayu. It is one of the largest stock exchange in the world by aggregate market capitalization of its listed companies. As of June 2015, it had 1,829 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of US$882.58 billion.


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