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Hello, we are TALOD, an independent group that are interested in the inner workings of Asian Culture and other things that may seem to be interesting to us! While it may seem to be an organized city-building oriented union on the outside, TALOD is NOT a union and will not be accepting any new members. It takes a momentous amount of effort and trust before you gain any access to TALOD, almost akin to a circle of friends. If you lose the trust of the majority the member is subject to expulsion to the group and its organization.

TALOD was formed in 2012 as a forum away from the politics of SimCity 4 unions such as Adonia and AIN. Its members work together and discuss some issues affecting the world, with a focus on the Asian perspective.

  • We are not a union. You are better off with joining AIN than to join here, unless you've gained enough trust from members.
  • Use of TALOD's services are a privilege, not a right. Pages will be deleted without notice if this privilege has been breached.
  • Members are responsible for archiving their material on the wiki.
  • We don't accept new members at the moment.
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