Imperial Seal of Okaiken

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Imperial Seal of Okaiken
Seal of Okaiken.svg
Armiger Masahito, Emperor of Okaiken
Crest Radish Leaves
Orders Order of the Golden Leaves

The Imperial Seal of Okaiken, also called the Gold Leaf Seal (金箔紋 Kinpaku mon?), is a mon or crest used by members of the Okaiken Imperial family.


Under the Saito Constitution, no one was permitted to use the Imperial Seal except the Emperor of Okaiken, who used a 39 leafed radish. Therefore, each member of the Imperial family used a slightly modified version of the seal or uses the Honda clan seal. Animism shrines either displayed the imperial seal or incorporated elements of the seal into their own emblems.


The symbol is a yellow or orange radish with black or red outlines and background. A central portion is surrounded by a row of leaves on each side. An example of the radish being used is in the badge for the Order of the Golden Leaves.

Other members of the Imperial Family use a version with 9 rows of leaves, while a form with 8 rows of branched leaves is used for Diet members' pins, orders, passports, and other items that carry or represent the authority of the Emperor. The Imperial Seal is also used on the standards of the imperial family.[1]