Sanese-Andalusian relations

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Okaiken-Andalus relations (or Sanese-Andalusian relations, also know as the O-A relations) refers to international relations between the Federal Kingdom of Andlaus and the Imperial Kingdom of Okaiken. Most analysts characterize present Sanese-Andalusian relations as being friendly. The two governments regard each other as important partners, especially on topics such East Althenian security, humanitarian issues, and petroleum exports.

Especially in the context of the East Althenian Sphere, the cooperation between the countries reaches immense coordination and collaboration. Both are considered "core countries" in regards to EAS policy-making, and generally vote together in the East Althenian Parliament. Additionally, along with Kwangju, Okaiken and Andalus form the "East Althenian Three", representing the developed countries of the region.

Country comparison[edit]

 Andalus  Okaiken
Population 84,128,782 (???) 90,217,335 (???)
Area (total area) 2,653,129 km2 (???) 200,221  km2 (???)
Population Density ????km² (855.1/sq mi) 450.38/km² (1,166.4/sq mi)
Capital Saadiyat (Administrative)
Duis (Legislative)
Largest City Deira – 10,895,357 (20,126,913 Metro) Okami – 10,185,502 (29,473,802 Metro)
Government Confederal parliamentary and Constitutional monarchy Unitary parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
First Leader Henry Foret Miyazaki Juichi
Current Leader Damien Moulin Sho Aoyagi
Official languages Beidar and Etruscan (de facto and de jure) Sanese (de facto and de jure)
Main religions Athiest/Agnostic (30.1%)  • Muslim (21.1%)  • Christian (24.3%)  • Andalazism (20.0%)  • Other (4.5%) 59.6% Buddhist  • 20.4% Animistic  • 11.3% Christian  • 5.5% Athiest/Agnostic  • 3.2% Other
Ethnic groups 32.2% Pied noirs  • 30.8% Levantine  • 17.23% Beidar  • 10.4% Bakri  • 9.37% Other 77% Sanese  • 20% Kwangju  • 3% Other
GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) §5.096 trillion (3rd) §3.926 trillion (???)
GDP (PPP) per capita (2014 estimate) §61,023 (10th) §48,599 (???th)
Gini (2012) 34.3 (???) 36.4 (???)
HDI (2011) 0.922 (very high) (???) 0.925 (very high) (???)
Currency Colum (Col) Sanese En (En)
Expatriate populations 4,500 Okaiken-born people living in Andlaus 1,410 Andalus-born people living in Okaiken
Military expenditures §168.2 billion §37 billion
Military Troops ??? 200,101
Labour Force 60.6 million 73.8 million
Telecommunications(Mobile Phones) 82,446,206 (98% of the population) 89,998,215 (99% of the population)


Sanese Isolation[edit]


World War[edit]

1973 oil embargo[edit]

The Sanese support of Tripartite aggression and the subsequent refusal to recognize the Republic of Andalus were catalysts for the Andalusian oil embargo against Okaiken and the remainder of the "Western Bloc". The embargo came at a time in which Sanese oil consumption was rapidly rising, and global oil production had peaked in other oil-producing regions. Andalus dropped oil production by a record 75%, causing international prices to triple, and halted the export of oil through the Amaar Passage, in which 2/3's of Okaiken-bound petroleum flowed.

Under the threat of a potential market meltdown, and under pressure from the ongoing "oil shocks", Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone of Okaiken ended his government's recognition of the Andalusian Confederation and switched over to the Republic, while strongly condemning the aggression as a violation of international law.


Relations between Okaiken and Andalus warmed considerably under the "politique orientale" (eastern politics) policy of Prime Minister Sid Cherfa who viewed Okaiken as a model for the Andalusian transition to democracy and a market-oriented economy. The rise of East Althenian markets later solidified Andalusian interest in maintaining the Sanese-Andalusian rapprochement, and culminated in the Okami Summit and the signing of the East Althenian Declaration in 1987.

21st Century[edit]

Important issues[edit]

Sanese involvement in the Andalusian War[edit]


East Althenian Sphere[edit]


Okaiken 1970 - Sanese officials grant asylum to the three royal families of Andalusia, and refuses to recognize the Republic. The refusal to hand over the royal families eventually leads to the severing of relations and the beginning of the oil embargo.
Okaiken 2011 - During a visit to Okaiken by Prime Minister Reza, the anthem of the Republic of Andalus was mistakenly played as he was recieved by a small group of Sanese officials. The scene was edited out of broadcasts in Andalus.
Andalus 2015 - Tiberian Prime Minister delivers a televised speech calling for the end of the East Althenian Sphere and the destruction of the "poisonous Sanese influence" that has "ensnared" Althena. The speech was met with strong opposition and protests from across the spectrum. Okaiken subsequently recalled it's Tiberian ambassador and closed its Economic and Cultural Office in Taza.

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