Rubèn Sampietr

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Rubèn Sampietr Pitarch
Secretary General of Podem
Assumed office
25 June 2011
Preceded by Position established
Member of the Congress of Deputies
Assumed office
15 July 2014
Constituency Roses
Personal details
Born (1987-10-17) 17 October 1987 (age 31)
Roses, Catalan Community, Arriola
Political party Podem (2010–present)
Other political
Units Podem (2014–present)
Left Party (2008-2010)
Alma mater International University of Barcelona
Ramon Llull University

Rubèn Sampietr Pitarch (born 17 October 1987 in Roses, Catalonia) and more commonly known as just Rubèn Sampietr, is an Arriolan actor and politician, and the incumbent Secretary-General of the Arriolan political party Podem, since 2011. He is the grandson of the renowned Republican activist Cristòfor Casabella. Sampietr founded Podem following his participation in protests against austerity measures designed to combat the effects of the global Great Recession.

Sampietr graduated from the International University of Barcelona in 2008 with a degree in international relations, and went on to become an advisor to the government of Venezuela. He gained popularity while acting for the 2010 TV series titled 1797, before leaving his role to pursue a political career amidst widespread NEET protests. He led his party, Podem, to take 21.7% of the vote in the 2014 elections, winning an unprecedented 77 seats, to become the third largest party in the General Junta.

Early life and education[edit]

Political positions[edit]

Rubèn Sampietr is a socialist republican

Sampietr opposes the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which he perceives as an affront to Arriola's national sovereignty. He has repeatedly called for France to withdraw from NATO and a return to a policy of armed neutrality.

Public image[edit]

Ruben Sampietr has been described as a populist with his foul-mouthed remarks against the country's elite which positioned him as a "man-of-the-people", critical to his party's unprecedented success in its first elections. He is considered the first of a new generation of Aranese politicians, one that does not adhere to political traditions and conventions or shy away from controversy. His widespread use of social media platforms such as Twitter and controversial rhetoric style has led to him often being compared to US President Donald Trump.


Controversies and criticism[edit]

Sampietr has proved to be controversial both within Arriola and abroad, with his statements widely covered by the media, drawing outcry from many of his Aranese contemporaries and worldwide counterparts. Internationally, most criticism stems from his willingness to "interfere" in the internal affairs of other countries. His unabashed presence on and use of social media has also draw him much scrutiny. Examples of this include his vocal support for the "#BlackLivesMatter" movement and the use of the "#FreePalestine" hashtag, which was criticized by many including Prime Minister Danel Zúñiga as "divisive and in bad taste". His vocal distaste for organized religion has led to him often being labelled El Diable (Catalan: "the devil") by conservative media and brought him into conflict with the Catholic Church.

Anti-American sentiment[edit]

Sampietr has often been framed as a prominent figure behind Anti-American sentiment in Arriola, especially since the election of Donald trump to the U.S. presidency. He blames the failure of the Aranese Revolution and the establishment on the authoritarian Estat Aranés on American intervention. When the Great Recession rattled markets across Arriola, Sampietr was quick to point fingers at the United States and its promotion of unrestricted capitalism and neoliberalism

Election of Donald Trump[edit]

He has notably been the most vocal critic on Trump of all Aranese politicians. During the presidential primaries Samptier strongly backed Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and often tweeted his support during the campaign. In a tweet on the eve of the election he called on Americans to not "Turn their backs on the rest of the world and #RejectHate", and within hours it had been retweeted well over 100,000 times.

He has repeatedly stated if he wins the next elections, he will bar Mr. Trump from ever visiting Aranese soil.