Republic of Andalus

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Republic of Andalus
جمهورية الأندلس
Jumhūriyyat al-‘Alandls
Socialist Republic

A gold flower, the symbol of Howan.
Flag Seal
تحية الشعبية
The People's Salute
Capital Rasheed (1971-74)
Saadiyat (1974-82)
Languages Official language:
Recognized national languages:
Religion State atheism
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
 -  1971-82 Faisal al-Malik
Legislature Andalusian Parliament
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house Chamber of Representatives
Historical era Beidar Socialism
 -  Establishment 21 March 1948
 -  Restoration of Monarchy 5 August 1982
 -  Second Constitution signed 17 March 1983
 -  1970 est. 48,549,870 
 -  1980 est. 61,465,468 
Currency Diyar
Today part of  Andalus

The Republic of Andalus, commonly referred to simply as the Jamahiriya (Beidar: al-Jamāhīrīyah, "state of the masses") was the successor state of the Andalusian Confederation. Following the dramatic evacuation of the Andalusian mainland by counter-insurgency forces in 1948, the General People's Congress (GPC), headed by Faisal al-Malik, adopted the "Establishment of a Greater Andalusian Republic" and proclaimed the Andalusian Republic on March 21st, 1948.

A socialist state, it survived from its proclamation in 1948, to its dissolution as a result of the Andalusian referendum in 1982. It consisted of a union of several subnational republics, and it's government was highly centralized. The Republic was a one party state from 1948 to 1970, under the Andalusian Social Democratic Labour Party before democratic reforms led to the first national elections.