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Okaiken Air
岡井航空 (Okai-Kōkū)
Logo of Okaiken Air 2016.svg
Founded 1 August 1955
Commenced operations 1 November 1955
  • Okami International Airport (Okami)
  • Ikoshima International Airport (Okami)
  • Toyozawa Shirakawa International Airport (Toyozawa)
  • Taejon-Suwon Airport
Focus cities
  • Aizawa International Airport (Aizawa)
  • Haru International Airport (Haru)
  • Waseda Airport (Waseda)
  • Chitose Airport (Mito)
Frequent-flyer program
  • OKA Mileage Bank
  • OKA Global Club
Fleet size 140
Destinations 92
Company slogan

Fly into tomorrow.

A Lap of Luxury.
Headquarters Chiyoda, Okashi, Okaiken
Key people
  • Kazuo Inamori (Chairman Emeritus)
  • Masaru Onishi (Chairman)
  • Yoshiharu Ueki (President)
Website Okaiken Air

Okaiken Airways Co., Ltd. (岡井空輸株式会社 Okai Kūyu Kabushiki-gaisha?), also known as Okai-Kōkū (岡井航空?) or Okaiken Air (stylized OkaikenAir) or OAW, is one of Okaiken's largest airlines. It is headquartered at the Chiyoda City Center in the Chiyoda area in Chiyoda, Okami. It operates services to 49 destinations in Okaiken and 32 international routes and employed over 14,000 employees as of May 2009. In May 2010, Okaiken Air's total passenger traffic is up year-on-year by 7.8%, and its international services grow by 22% to 2.07 million passengers in the first five months of 2010. Okaiken Air's main international hubs are at Okami International Airport (Tokuyama Itzaki Airport) in Okami and Shirakawa International Airport outside Toyozawa. Its main domestic hubs are at Ikoshima International Airport in Okami, Waseda Airport (near Waseda), and Aizawa International Airport (near Aizawa).

In addition to its mainline operations, Okaiken Air controls several subsidiary passenger carriers, including its regional airline, Air Blue and charter carrier, Air Okaiken. Okaiken Air is also the largest shareholder in Peach, a low-cost carrier joint venture with First Eastern Investment Group. Okaiken Air is currently an official sponsor of Okaiken Football Association. On 29 March 2013, Okaiken Air was announced as a 5-Star Airline.


An Okaiken Airways P-120 departing for Deira, Andalus


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As of October 2013, the Okaiken Air's passenger fleet (excluding subsidiaries) consists of the following aircraft:

Okaiken Air Passenger Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
F C P Y Total
Volotea A320-200 18 166 166
20 90 110
Boeing P116-700 17 8 112 120
Boeing P116-700ER 2 24 20 44
38 38
Boeing P116-800 24 3 8 158 166 Deliveries completed by 2014
8 159 167
Aeolus D100-400 8 6 12 18 160 178
Aeolus 360-100 2 8 TBA TBA TBA To be introduced in 2016
Aeolus S100 20 TBA TBA TBA Introduction in 2014
Aeolus S130 10 TBA TBA TBA To be introduced in 2020
Total 82 38 50


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