National Front (Tiberias)

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National Front
Front national
President Constantin Daviau
General Secretary Pierrette Maçon
Founded 6 June 1983
Headquarters 109 rue des Suisses, 48922 Syrie, Taza
Youth wing Front National Youth
Membership  (2014) 83,000
Ideology Tiberian nationalism
Social conservatism
Right-wing populism
Political position Far-right
National affiliation Rassemblement bleu
International affiliation None
Colours      Blue
National Assembly
37 / 230
45 / 125
Federal Council
23 / 75
Regional Councils
120 / 312
General Councils
45 / 100
Municipal Councils
50 / 100

The National Front (Etruscan: Front national or FN) is an economically protectionist, socially conservative, and nationalist political party in Tiberias. The party opposes immigration from the surrounding pre-predominately Muslim states. It opposes the 1983 Acts of the Union, which re-established the personal union between Tiberias and Andalus, and supports Tiberian independence.

In 2009 Constantin Daviau was elected as the party president, before the 2009 parliamentary elections. Constantin actively softened the party's image, expelling members who threatened the party's image. He rejected the designation of his party as far-right, and launched several lawsuits to fight this. Since his election, the National Front's popularity has grown, propelling it to become one of the largest parties in Tiberias. In 2014 a coalition of the SDP and the CDU with the backing of the Andalusian Socialist Party submitted a case to the Supreme Court to have the National Front banned, on the grounds of fascism, which is explicitly banned in the federal constitution.



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