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Topics in the news
New 5000 Sanese En (Economic Series)
New 5000 Sanese En (Economic Series)

  • Andalus suspends visa-free travel for EAS nations amid deepening rift over referendum implications
  • Kwangju vetoes Andalusian renegotiation attempts at the East Althenian Parliament
  • Andalus votes to leave the EAS in a non-binding referendum.
  • The Imperial Sanese Mint releases its new design for the Sanese En with Honda Shigetomo in the 5000 En (pictured).
  • The People's Republic of Peilan imposes strict coal extraction provisions due to worsening pollution crisis on its capital, Fengtai
  • EAS member nations imposes sanctions against Malatoa after the country used a chemical weapon, VX, as part of its secretive chemical weapons program.