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This article lists political parties in Okaiken.

Major parties[edit]

Party Diet Representation Party Leader Comments
Offc. Comm.
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Jiyū Minshu-tō 自由民主党,
or Jimin-tō 自民党
Sadakazu Tanizaki PM Comm. The LDP is Okaiken's largest political party. It is made up of various conservative, nationalist and centrist factions, although it had slightly shifted more to the left since Kenshin Hirota was installed as the Prime Minister of Okaiken. The LDP had been in power almost continuously since 1971, when it was formed as a merger of two conservative parties after the Quiet Revolution, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.
Progressive Party (PPO)
Shinpō-tō 新法党
("Progressive Party")
Honda Shigetsuma Comm. The Progressive Party is Okaiken's second largest political party. It is mostly centrist in nature but sometimes veer to the left. The DP is the largest opposition party and has a shadow cabinet.
Komeito (NKP)
Kōmeitō 公明党
("Clean Government", "Fairness" or "Justice Party")
Okada Junichiro Comm. The Komeito Party was formerly known as the Clean Government Political Assembly and New Komeito. At its foundation, the party was center-left, but it has drifted rightwards as a participant in the LDP's governing coalitions. It is supported by the Buddhist new religious movement Sōka Gakkai. It was Okaiken's third largest party in the House of Officers.
Socialist Party (OSP)
Shakai-tō 社会党
Yu Oizumi Offc.
Communist Party (SCP)
Kyōsan-tō 共産党
Sho Aoyagi Comm. The Sanese Communist Party is Okaiken's oldest party. It was formed in 1922 as an underground organization in the Mitoyagi Empire, but was legalized after the Great War. It was banned again after the Quiet Revolution, but was reinstated in 1985 as a legalized party. It used to be a communist party, but the party has recently shifted to a socialist party.
Social Democratic (SDP)
Shakaiminshu-tō 社会民主党
Yoshida Shimane Offc. Economic liberalism, Localism, Limited government, and administrative reform; formed by former Toyozawa mayor Tōru Hashimoto. It is considered more neoliberal than the Liberal Democratic Party. The sister party of the regional Toyozawa Restoration Association.