Kwangju War

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Kwangju War
(광주 대전)
Part of Division of Kwangju
KoreanWar Hungnam.jpg
Andalusian ships bombarding Cheju Island
Date 19 May 1954 – 21 June 1956
Location Kwangju Peninsula, Sea of Mitoyagi
Result Indecisive:
  • Collapse of ROK
    • Establishment of Howan
    • Establishment of Seongpo
  • Communist invasion of Howan repelled
  • Communist invasion of Seongpo repelled
  • Howanese invasion of Seongpo repelled
  • Uti possidetis
May 1954-June 1955:

 Republic of Kwangju


Combat Support:
Diplomatic Support:
May 1954-June 1955

 Kwangju DPR


Diplomatic Support

Commanders and leaders
Howan Kim Suk-won

Kwangju Sung Yu-Kwan
Andalus Sameer Al-Galan
Etrusque Enrique Picard

DPR KWangju Myung Yu

DPR KWangju Park Sun
People's Republic of Peilan Xi Chiang

Howan 608,901

Andalus 350,829
Etrusque 75,000

DPR KWangju 821,283
People's Republic of Peilan 1,024,328
Seongpo 104,239
Casualties and losses
Total dead: 322,187
Total wounded: 589,347
Total dead: 782,378
Total wounded: 807,829
Total dead: 104,021
Total wounded: 262,211
Total civilians wounded/killed: 3.3 million
Total killed/wounded: 5.7 million