Joseph I of Andalus

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Joseph I
His Majesty, The King of All Andalusians
King Hamdan in 2013
Monarch of Andalus
12 November 2013
13 November 2013
Heir apparent Joseph bin Sameer
Queen Consort Yasmin Jaquette
HRH The Crown Prince
HRH Princess Sabrina
HRH Prince Jordan
Full name
Joseph bin Hamdan al Rashid
يوسف بن حمدان الرشيد
(Yusuf bin Hamdan Alrrashid)
Joseph Bin Chamntán al Rasínt
House House of Rashid
Father Nasser I
Mother Queen Mahra
Born 14 November 1982 (age, 33)
Okami, Okaiken
Religion None

Joseph bin Hamdan (born 14 November 1982) is the eleventh and current monarch of Andalus. He ascended the throne on 13 November 2013 upon the death of his father King Nasser. He is the eldest of his father's three sons. Currently, Joseph is the wealthiest head of state in the world, with an estimated personal wealth of over $45 billion. Often regarded as the most casual and socially involved monarch in the world, King Joseph has been ranked as the most socially progressive monarch in the world since 2013.

Joseph was born on 14 November 1982 while his family was in exile in Okaiken, during the final phase of the Republic of Andalus. While most of his family returned to Andalusia by 1983, he and his mother remained in Okaiken, where he was privately educated, through college. He returned to Andalus in 2009, and was crowned Crown Prince of Andalusia, and began undertaking royal responsibilities alongside his father.

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