Honda Shigetomo (Taisen drama)

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Honda Shigetomo
Shigetomo Taisen Title.svg

Shigetomo Taisen Main OP.png
Genre Serial Drama
Created by Takahiro Inaba
Yoshitaro Shimizu
Written by based on the novel:
Honda Shigetomo
by Yuriko Nishida
Directed by Takafumi Miura
Naoyoshi Takage
Kurihiro Mao
Juri Inoue
Hidetaro Akimoto
  • Shinobu Otake
  • Tetsuya Takeda
  • Masako Natsume
  • Kōji Ishizaka
Opening theme River of Tears
Ending theme none
Composer(s) Tomita Isao
Country of origin  Okaiken
Language(s) Sanese (OK)
No. of episodes 49 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Sanjuro Suzuki
Yoshitaro Shimizu
Running time 38 minutes
Production company(s) KTK
Distributor KTK
Original channel KTK (OK)
Picture format NTSC
Audio format DDB E-AC-3
Original run January 9, 1983 (1983-01-09) – December 18, 1983 (1983-12-18)
Preceded by Tōge no Gunzō
Followed by Uchino Moyu

Honda Shigetomo (本多重朝?) is the 23rd KTK Taisen drama. It aired on KTK from January 9, 1983 to December 18, 1983 spanning 49 episodes. The story centers on the life of the 16th century samurai and the second shogun of Okaiken, Honda Shigetomo. Set between the end of the Sengoku Period and the beginning of the Imperial Shogunate, this follows the life and achievements of the second shogun Honda Shigetomo (Shinobu Otake). Production of this drama began on April 20, 1982. The story is based on the novel Honda Shigetomo by Yuriko Nishida and was adapted for screen by scriptwriter Yoshitaro Shimizu. The series' music composer was Tomita Isao. It was the most watched drama in Sanese History until Honda Tenno, also about the Honda clan, premiered in 2014.


TV schedule[edit]

Episode Title Directed by Original airdate Rating
(Prequel) "Takai Yama wo Noboru" (1st hour) (高い山を登った?)
"Himesama ga Ore no da" (2nd hour) (姫様が俺のだ?)
"Izumo no Kami no Jinsei ga Hajimaru" (3rd hour) (出雲守の人生が始まる?)
"Ore ga Motto Tsuyokunaritai" (4th hour) (俺がもっと強くなりたい?)
Miura Takafumi December 25, 1982 (1982-12-25) 16.9%
1 "Naiki no Ikusa ga Hajimaru" (内記の戦が始まる?) January 9, 1983 (1983-01-09) 50.5%
2 "Zenbu no Teki wa Waruinoka?" (全部のてきは悪いのか??) January 16, 1983 (1983-01-16) 48.7%
3 "Kono Yoru wa Kurakunakatta" (この夜は暗くなかった?) Mitsuhiro Fukui January 30, 1983 (1983-01-30) 49.0%
4 "Honda Izumo no Kami Shigetomo" (本多出雲守重朝?) Miura Takafumi February 6, 1983 (1983-02-06) 46.4%
5 "Iza, Yamanote ni Tatakau" (いざ、山手に戦う?) February 13, 1983 (1983-02-13) 55.2%
6 "Kega ga Iyasenu" (怪我が癒せぬ?) Mitsuhiro Fukui February 20, 1983 (1983-02-20) 60.1%
7 "Matsubara no Tatakai" (松原の戦い?) February 27, 1983 (1983-02-27) 52.3%
8 "Sadame" (さだめ?) Miura Takafumi March 6, 1983 (1983-03-06) 49.9%
9 "Tagatameni Shiro wa aru" (誰がために城はある?) March 13, 1983 (1983-03-13) 48.3%
10 "Saraba, ore no yuujin" (さらば、俺の友人?) March 20, 1983 (1983-03-20) 47.4%
11 "Ryoshin to Yuujin" (両親と友人?) Mitsuhiro Fukui March 27, 1983 (1983-03-27) 45.8%
12 "Batsu" (?) April 3, 1983 (1983-04-03) 46.6%
13 "Dareka sore wo yaru?" (だれかそれをやる??) Miura Takafumi April 10, 1983 (1983-04-10) 47.4%
14 "Ishikawada no maemichi" (石川田の前道?) April 17, 1983 (1983-04-17) 48.4%
15 "Ishikawada no Tatakai" (石川田の戦い?) April 24, 1983 (1983-04-24) 52.7%
50 "Shigetomo." (重朝。?) Miura Takafumi December 19, 1983 (1983-12-19) 90.4% (Okaiken viewing record)


The prequel of the story was aired on KTK as a Christmas special on December 25, 1982, with the same characters from the Taisen drama appearing on it. The story revolves on how Shigetomo was raised when he was a kid. The response to the prequel was overwhelmingly positive, with the final hour of the 4-hour special reaching a Christmas record of 50.8%.

First Hour[edit]

In the first hour, the story begins in Yokosuka, the traditional home of the Honda clan. Honda Shigetada (Takeda Tetsuya), then a young samurai under the Honda clan, was forced to marry a hostage called "Hatsune no kata" (Natsume Masako) as part of a mutual agreement. Hatsune's father was Ideura Toyomasa (Kitaoji Kin'ya), a leader of a small clan just east of the Honda Village at the mountains of Ise. The mutual agreement between the two clans was done to ensure that the Honda clan would not be attacked from the northeast by other clans such as the Mitsui and the Ono. In exchange, the Honda clan will let someone in the Ideura household to marry a high-ranking officer of the Honda clan, in which Hatsune selected Shigetada. At the beginning of the ceremony, Shigetada seemed very frustrated with the terms of his marriage; as time went by he and Hatsune did not get along with each other afterward, and have not yet consummated their marriage. Both of them believed that it would not be beneficial for them to continue their marriage in the end once the Ideura clan become assimilated by the powerful Ogasawara clan or destroyed for not abiding with the conditions of the stronger clan nearby such as the Ono and the Mitsui. With Ideura Toyomasa's health quickly deteriorating over the span of two years without producing a successor of his clan, it was known to the clan that there would not be a male successor thus sealing the fate of the Ideura clan. The Ideura must make a decision to amalgamate its holdings with either the Ono or the Mitsui since these clans are perceived to be more powerful than the Honda clan. Hatsune told Shigetada what had happened with the fate of the Ideura clan and that she could not continue her marriage to him because of the demise of her clan, which means that she could no longer fulfill the duties her father had originally given for her. Shigetada objected, telling Hatsune that while she may not be able to fulfill her duties as an Ideura, he had fallen affectionate with her during her stay at the Honda residence. Shigetada then added to her that she could not go back to the Ideura that easily as she is now part of the Honda clan and therefore must also function as a member of the Honda clan. Hatsune first reluctantly accepted to stay as Shigetada's partner but as she noticed Shigetada's true affection towards her, she accepted to become his primary partner.

Second Hour[edit]

Shigetada's adopted father Shigetatsu (Takaichi Osamu) questioned Shigetada's decision to keep Hatsune. He reprimanded Shigetada and requested to annull his marriage to Hatsune since it will hinder in their negotiations with the other clans in Yokosuka. Shigetada refused since it was his father's decision in the first place to be married to Hatsune. Shigetatsu was angered by his argument and brandished his sword, but when he saw the look of Shigetada's eyes, a flashback appeared in front of him, where a young Shigetomo was in tears at a temple. He had been abandoned there by Ogasawara Terumasa for refusing to be a participant of his clan; Shigetatsu asked why he was under the Ogasawara in the first place and the young page replied that Terumasa had told him that he was not really his son so he placed him at the temple. After the brief flashback, he found out that his sword is on top of Shigetada's back. The sharp blade of the sword had cut a small portion of his yukata but Shigetada kept his calm. Shigetatsu went back on his seating position looking at him. He can see Shigetada's tear drops in the ground but he did not make any noise. He affirmed Shigetada that he can keep his marriage with Hatsune. Shigetada kept his composure until only Shigetatsu and him are left on the room.

Third Hour[edit]

Hatsune and Shigetada had two children after five years of marriage. Shigemune, later Prince Takahito (Mizugawa Hiroshi), was born in 1578; while Shigetomo (Shinobu Otake) was born in 1582. Three other children were born during the first five episodes of the drama.

Fourth Hour[edit]

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Winter season (Climax)[edit]

Episode 50[edit]


Due to the overwhelmingly popular ratings of the drama, KTK ordered another episode for the drama as its epilogue to be broadcast on December 24, 1983. The 3 hour special revolves around the end of the Battle of Ichijoudani and the details of the armistice between the Ii clan, headed by Ii Naoyoshi and the Honda clan, headed by Honda Shigetoki.

Just after the end of the battle, both clans were shocked with the sudden deaths of their leaders. The battle was stopped by both sides, and negotiations begin. Hotta Muneshige, now the moderator between the two clans, suggested that the territory be surrendered to the Honda clan and the Ii clan be moved to a smaller, 10,000 koku territory in Seto. However, the Ii clan refused it due to its incapacity to support the Ii clan. The Ii clan suggested that they should stay in Ichijoudani and keep their territories. The Honda negotiator, Honda Shigetoki, refused the Ii clan's suggestion because they were enemies and they could use it to usurp the power of the Honda clan. Muneshige then stood in anger, pointing to the bodies of Shigetomo and Naotaka. He told the two opposing sides to not let the two die in vain. He then said the the Ii clan will lose its northern half of its territory to him so that they would not be able to gather up infantry while at the same time allow its populace to sustain itself. For the Honda clan, he had suggested that the Ii clan will become a direct subordinate to the Honda clan so that it would help them heal the wounds caused by the conflicts.

Ii Naoyoshi and Honda Shigetoki accepted the terms of the armistice, with Shigetoki saying that his brother would have been more understandable of the situation and is willing to give anything just so the people are happy. Naoyoshi said that his father had been completely unstable in the recent days, stating that he had always thought of Shigetomo. He also added that he does not want him to be killed during the battle and was ready to commit seppuku when Shigetomo had ordered him to. Muneshige was moved with these statements and had agreed to do his utmost effort to repair the relationship of both clans.



Critical Reception[edit]