Government of Andalus

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Their Majesty's Government
The bilingual Government of Canada wordmark
Formation 1948
Country Andlaus
Head of state Monarch
Viceregal representative Governor general
Seat Rideau Hall
Legislative (Queen-in-Parliament)
Legislature Parliament
Meeting place Palace of the Andalusians
Executive (Queen-in-Council)
Main body Federal Council of Andalus
Leader President of the Privy Council
Main organ Cabinet
Head of government Prime minister
Meeting place Langevin Block
Judicial (Queen on the Bench)
Court Supreme court

The Government of Andalus, (Etruscan: Gouvernement du Andalouse) is the federal administration of Andalus.


As per the 1983 Acts of the Union, Andalus is a confederal constitutional monarchy, wherein the role of the reigning sovereign is both legal and practical, but not political. The monarchies of the three tripartate kingdoms (Sousse, Abbasid, and Tiberias), collectively head the Federal Council, which in turn then elects the next monarchy of Andalus.

Executive power[edit]

Legislative power[edit]

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Judicial power[edit]