Desant Day

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Desant Day
Desant Day
Desant revelers at Saint Michel's Fountain
Also called D-Day
(Le jour J)
Paratroopers' Day
(Jour de Parachutistes)
Observed by Andalus
Type National Day
Significance Recognizes the contribution of national Airborne divisions
Date 5 May
Celebrations Military parades, fireworks, concerts, balls, barbecues, family picnics

Desant Day (from the Sukoyrian десантник,"desantnik", meaning paratrooper), also known as D-Day, is a holiday that commemorates the actions of the paratroopers of the Sukoyrian Airborne Division during the Great War. It was first inaugurated on the afternoon of May 5th 1946, following the Battle of Vareutsk. The event became popularized in Andalus following celebrations by an increasingly large Sukoyrian community, and it was officially inaugurated in Andalus in 1988 as a non-working holiday. Since then Desant Day has grown into one of the most popular holidays in Andalusia, second to National Day.