Decriminalization of Bigamy Act

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Decriminalization of Bigamy Act
Teiko Royal Council
An Act Revising the 1985 Teiko Family Code Allowing Polygamous Relationships
Legislative history
Introduced by Takashi Morinozuka
First reading 25 May, 2015
Second reading 8 June, 2015
Third reading 15 June, 2015
Vetoed by Premier Akashi on 17 June, 2015
Status: Vetoed

The Decriminalization of Bigamy Act was a proposed bill submitted by Beika 2nd District Representative Takashi Morinozuka. The proposed Decriminalization of Bigamy Act aims to amend the 1985 Teiko Family Code decriminalizing bigamous relationships allowing males to legally enter multiple marriages at the same time. Challenged by several feminist movements and human rights organization, Akashi vetoed the bill saying that such measure is unconstitutional.

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