Constantin Daviau

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Constantin Daviau
Official Portrait of the Prime Minister
Official Portrait of the Prime Minister
Prime Minister of Tiberias
Assumed office
1 December 2015
Monarch Felix VI
Preceded by Natalie Sur
Member of the National Assembly
for Taza-Guilherand district
Assumed office
14 July 2009
Preceded by Antoine Mittel
Majority 21,761 (73.3%)
Leader of the National Front
Assumed office
16 May 2009
Preceded by Jean-Luc Daviau
Personal details
Born (1986-02-05) 5 February 1986 (age 32)
Littio, Tiberias
Political party National Front
Other political
Parti populaire (2011-present)
Alma mater

Constantin Daviau, born 5 February 1986 is a Tiberian politician and the current Prime Minister of Tiberias. He is also the president of the National Front (FN), the second-largest political party in Tiberias, since 16 May 2009. He is currently the youngest leader of any Andalusian political party, and the youngest Prime Minister in Andalusian history.

Early life[edit]

Political career and media[edit]



Andalusian unity[edit]

Daviau opposes the 1983 Acts of the Union which re-established the confederal system between Tiberias and the Beidar states, and has strongly criticized it's power sharing guidelines. If elected prime minister of Tiberias, he has vowed to renegotiate the treaty to return Tiberias' pre-war power, or will completely abolish the treaty.

He is a strong supporter of Tiberian independence, and has described himself as an avid nationalist. If successful in the 2015 Tiberian elections, he has announced an independence referendum for Tiberians, however, it is unlikely to be accepted by the central government.

Columbian Union[edit]


Social issues[edit]

Social inequality[edit]

LGBT rights[edit]

Daviau has also announced his personal support for same-sex marriage and adoption for LGBT couples, and pushed for recognition of LGBT rights to be included in his party's platform. Leading up the the 2009 elections, he expelled several members for their opposition. He has been seen at several Pride events, pledging his support, while his presence prompted much media speculation and controversy, which he refused to confirm or deny.

His position has been criticized by many on the right, as too "liberal" while he gained admiration from many on the left. The PSD in Tiberias accused him of attempting to win votes by "courting the LGBT community" and using the "ambiguity tactic to gain support". Following the 2015 election, it was revealed that Daviau and his party won 56% of the votes cast from the LGBT community.