Ando-Kwangju relations

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This article is related to  Andalus and  Kwangju

Ando-Kwangju relations (or Andalus-Kwangju relations, also know as the A-K relations) refers to international relations between the Federal Kingdom of Andlaus and the State of Kwangju. Relations have been close and extensive since 1952, when Andalus helped establish the Republic of Kwangju and fought on it's side during the three year Kwangju War. The unification of Kwangju brought new importance to these relations, as the two nations have emerged as two of the most advanced economies and militaries of East Althena. While tensions have flared at times over influence in the EAS, the two sides regard each other as strategic partners.

Especially in the context of the East Althenian Sphere, the cooperation between the countries reaches immense coordination and collaboration. Both are considered "core countries" in regards to EAS policy-making, and generally vote together in the East Althenian Parliament. Additionally, along with Okaiken, Kwangju and Andalus form the "East Althenian Three", representing the developed countries of the region.

Country comparison[edit]

 Andalus  Kwangju
Population 84,128,782 (???) 80,603,891 (???)
Area (total area) 2,653,129 km2 (???) 200,221  km2 (???)
Population Density ????km² (855.1/sq mi) 450.38/km² (1,166.4/sq mi)
Capital Saadiyat (Judicial)
Duis (Administrative)
Alcazar (Legislative)
Largest City Deira – 10,895,357 (20,126,913 Metro) Jinju – 10,185,502 (41,430,399 Metro)
Government Confederal parliamentary and Constitutional monarchy Unitary parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
First Leader Henry Foret Miyazaki Juichi
Current Leader Damien Moulin Seo In-Daejun
Official languages Beidar and Etruscan (de facto and de jure) Kwangju (de facto and de jure)
Main religions Athiest/Agnostic (30.1%)  • Muslim (21.1%)  • Christian (24.3%)  • Andalazism (20.0%)  • Other (4.5%) 53.8% Athiest/Agnostic  • 23% Christian  • 11.7% Buddhist  • 5.2% Muists
Ethnic groups 32.2% Pied noirs  • 30.8% Levantine  • 17.23% Beidar  • 10.4% Bakri  • 9.37% Other 85% Kwangju  • 10% Sanese  • 3.2% Other East Althenia
GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) ε5.096 trillion (3rd) ε4.040 trillion (5th)
GDP (PPP) per capita (2014 estimate) ε61,023 (10th) ε50,012 (???th)
Gini (2012) 34.3 (???) 36.4 (???)
HDI (2011) 0.922 (very high) (???) 0.909 (very high) (???)
Currency Colum (Col) Kwangju Hwan (₩)
Expatriate populations 54,000 Kwangju-born people living in Andlaus 21,000 Andalus-born people living in Kwangju
Military expenditures ε168.2 billion ε78 billion
Military Troops 755,624 885,000
Labour Force 60.6 million 65.6 million
Telecommunications(Mobile Phones) 82,446,206 (98% of the population) 79,217,378 (98% of the population)